“I started using the HAV system in August 2010 with a very small stake of £1 per point on the Dow and made £435 with very little risk. I increased my stakes slightly on the next two trades and at the close of the year my gain was £1067. Now that I am comfortable with the system, I will be trading at the maximum stakes recommended for a £25,000 bank.”

Stuart C, Chepstow

Hi Val

Just to let you know that I find the way you keep in touch and the service excellent.

Eddie B, Dublin

Your calls have still generated 20% return TAX FREE.


Val, you have developed an amazing system which each week I open your emails with fascination.
I still use your emails to trigger action as I have not yet deployed all the graphs to act as a self trigger (I know this will run out so just being lazy and following teacher at this stage).
I value your system and your emails.


You are one of the genuine people around in a sea of sharks.

IW, Barrow

About 5 years ago I became aware of Val Harrison and his commodity trading method. Since then I have subscribed to his various trading newsletters and have been more than satisfied. Val is not a “get rich quick merchant”.

His trading methods are based on sound research and unlike others working in the investment industry there is no hard sell. A first class product developed by an honest and trust worthy individual. Well done on the system, fabulous work.

Colin C, Dublin

I have enjoyed and gained from the system which is remarkable. I have no hesitation in recommending it to people who recognise markets go up and down and in that context this system gives you a head start - you can't get better than that.

JK, Birmingham

I have followed Mr Harrison's investment projects for many years. The
service I have received from him after purchase of his manuals has always
been exemplary. He has always responded to any of my queries or requests
for additional information quickly, succinctly and to the point. As an
unusual and alternative trading method, it is to be commended.

AB, Dorset

Hi Val

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the HAV trading method. I have been following it since May and am extremely happy with the excellent trading advice and investment returns. I find your advice and signals very easy to follow and welcome realising such good returns on just a few trades.

Your weekly newsletters and updates tell me exactly what to do and when to trade. Many thanks for inventing and making available this unique system.

SJT, Leicester

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